Who We Are

Who We Are

Ten Mile Community Church is a community of believers located in the Treasure Valley of southwestern Idaho

Just like any community we are comprised of a wide variety of folks from different generations, different ethnic backgrounds and different walks of life. But what unites us as a whole is our shared love for our Savior Jesus Christ and therefore our shared love for one another and a desire to reflect the character and heart of Jesus to the people around us.

When we gather together on Sundays we seek to connect with God, to actually experience Him in our lives. It’s where teaching, worship and music come together to bring life and faith together, hence our motto:

where Faith and Life connect

But we’re more than a Sunday morning social club… much more. Since we’re about community and lifting each other up in our faith we offer weekly small group meetings to help everyone get to know each other on a deeper level than we could do in a larger worship service. If you’ve got kids or youth, be sure to take a look at our Children and Youth Ministries. We also have active Men’s and Women’s ministries to meet those needs in a special way.