Youth Event Info

Youth Event Info

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jDC group meets on Wednesday night in the Parsonage by the church from 6:30 – 8:30pm.  This group uses the TREK AWANA curriculum and encourages the formation of Spiritual Habits.

DC groups meet on Wednesday nights.  There are two groups, one meets at the church lead by Pastor Ben and Sherri, the other group meets in Kuna at Jerry and Alicia Flavel’s home.  These groups utilize the Journey curriculum along with encouragement in daily Spiritual Habits.

RECHARGEThere are so many Groups to go to on Sunday Morning, but which one is for Junior and Senior Highers?  RECHARGE of course!  Recharge, like the name describes, is the place for you to Recharge after a long, hard week.  Reconnect with your Friends, Worship God, Hear a Message, and Fellowship with Christians.  It starts @ 10AM in the Youth Room