Harvest Dinner

Harvest Dinner


  • Please Bring a side to share…everything else will be provided!
  • Entertainment brought to you by Chuck & Jerry2
  • Plan to stay for some special music and a time of thanksgiving celebration

This year our goal is to refresh the church foyer..

The goal is to raise $12,000. Since we want to ENGAGE our community, first impressions are really important. We want to put our best foot forward with our church facility– and new signage, new front doors, improved lighting, and updated furniture will go a long way in improving our “first impression” to our community when they walk into our facility.

Foyer Refresh Project Breakdown

  1. Replace Front Doors  –        $6,500
  2. New and Updated Signs-   $1,000
  3. Renovated Lighting –            $1,500
  4. New Ceiling Tiles –                 $1,500
  5. New Furniture-                        $1,500

GRAND TOTAL:                                      $12,000

Please ask the Lord what he would have YOU contribute to this important project. If  only 50 families committed to giving $250 to this project, we would reach our goal! Imagine walking into an updated Foyer and how that would help us create an environment where we can Encounter God, Experience Life Together and Engage our community! Would you consider giving $50, $250, or $500 toward this year’s Harvest Dinner project?  Checks can be made out to Ten Mile Community Church-just put “Harvest Dinner” on the envelope! Thank you-

-The Board of Trustees